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"Our vision

is to create one of a kind home that transcends luxury"

Discover uniqueness in uniformity.

The 121 Collection on Whitley proves that even semi-detached houses do not have to conform to symmetrical design.
While all nine houses feature different designs and floor plans, they come together
as one fabulous collection, resplending with the shimmering beauty of paradox.

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Borderless Living

Enjoy the precious freedom to bond with Nature, without borders. On the ground floor of every house, pillars are boldly discarded so that you can have virtually borderless space. Perhaps the only thing that segregates you from the greenery out there is the house’s expansive glass façade, a design idea that binds exquisite living interiors and the great outdoors in symbiotic harmony. You’ll also notice that no two facades are the same. Semi-detached houses are customised to look like individual bungalows, illuminating dazzling characteristics shared by no other.

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Home Garden

Coming home is an uncanny feeling of stepping into a garden, where you are endlessly showered with the luxurious gifts of Mother Nature. Setting free creative imagination and groundbreaking architectural sophistication, the essence of garden-living is brought right inside the house. Natural light, wind, greenery and water… the ecosystem’s core elements are woven into the living space, creating a priceless sensorial experience and an unusual masterpiece of urban living.

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The 9 Gems

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Design & Living

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Design & Living

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The 9 Gems

Inspired by dreams and fantasies, 121 Collection is a world of architectural masterpieces that goes beyond  expectations. Every house is a treasured gem on its own, each with its sparkling secrets
and little surprises to unravel – just imagine the discoveries you will make.


Providing calm and balance, Amethyst reassures the inner sanctum of home with its ability to enhance emotional stability and inner strength.

121A Whitley Road


Like the gemstone’s healing and emotional properties, Coral protects and strengthens one’s emotional foundation, protecting the owner from harm.

121C Whitley Road


The strongest precious stone, Diamond symbolizes power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty.

121D Whitley Road


Called the Stone of Successful Love, Emerald opens and nurtures the heart to provide soothing energy, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit.

121E Whitley Road


Perfect for nurturing a family, Fuchsia inspires confidence and unconditional love and understanding, as well as giving and receiving of nurturing.

121F Whitley Road


The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. Bringing consistency to friendships, Garnet stimulates success in business.

121G Whitley Road


Known as the Stone for the Mind, Hematite is outstanding at grounding out excess energy and acting as a stabilizing force.

121H Whitley Road


Like the healing properties of the wonderful stone, Jade strengthens mental faculties and guards against accidents and misfortune.

121J Whitley Road


A gem of wisdom and royalty, the Sapphire, in its heavenly blue colour stands magnificently as a symbol of elegance and power.

121 Whitley Road

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Minutes away from the dazzles

You know it’s an enviable address when the best of the city is at your doorstep. Shop at Orchard Road. Dine and wine at Dempsey Hill. Or take a walk at the Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Novena and Thomson Medical Centres are just a stone’s throw away. With almost instant access through the upcoming Mt Pleasant MRT and major expressways, a world of indulgence, recreation and convenience is always at your beck and call. Parents will also be pleased to choose from numerous prestigious schools that are also nearby.
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